If you think this Pastors’ College may be for you, please consider the following, so you will know whether or not to apply, and, if so, how to apply.
  • We ask you to put the following questions to yourself – Are you sure God has called you to preach the gospel? Is your local church convinced of this?
  • Are you preaching, and have you seen any fruit? Are you able and willing to give 3 years to serious study? Are you willing to do this without receiving a certificate which is recognized by the secular authorities (we are considering if this may be possible in the future)?
If you can answer ‘Yes’ to these questions please
  1. Write / email the TPC Co-ordinator with an application letter
  2. Get a letter of recommendation from your local church, stating that you are a member in good standing, and what ministry you have been involved in, and that they will stand behind you as you get involved in the TPC
  3. Send a copy of your KSCE / degree certificate and any other post-secondary education.
    We will then consider if we would like you to join the TPC, and if so, will send you an application form.


We charge you Kshs. 6,000 a year, i.e. 1,000 each time you come. We expect you to fund your own transport to and fro. A scholarship may be available upon request. You will be lodged at the Trinity Baptist Church premises and all food is provided. If you prefer to make your own arrangements for accommodation you are free to do so on condition that you remain fully involved in the TPC programme. We also make available the necessary books (printed and electronic) as well as photocopied material.