The Method of studying

There are two components
  1. Teaching takes place in Nairobi, at the premises of Trinity Baptist Church, six times a year, for three years. A total of 8 days is spent (Wednesday to Wednesday), with 6 days of classes, with the intervening weekend as an opportunity to fully participate in the local church. Students are expected to study in much of the free time while in Nairobi.
  2. Study at home, between visits to Nairobi, is when most of the work is to be done. Over the 6-7 weeks at home there is much reading to be gone through and answers to questions to be written out. At least 20 hours a week are to be spent in these studies. The Unit studied must be completed in time for your return after the two months. It will then be marked and returned to you at the earliest opportunity. We insist the student must learn to be disciplined so as to accomplish this each time. It is all part of training for ministry.

The Curriculum

Year One

A. New Testament Greek (optional)
B. Doctrine (1) – Scripture
C. Doctrine (2) – God
D. Church History (1) – Apostolic, Early Church and Early Middle Ages
E. New Testament (1) – Gospels and Acts
F. Doctrine (3) – Man and Sin
G. Church History (2) – Late Medieval and Reformation
H. Apologetics

Year Two

I. New Testament (2) – Pauline Letters
J. Exegesis and Bible Study
K. Preaching
L. Old Testament (1) – History and Theology
M. Doctrine (4) – Christ: Salvation Planned and Accomplished
N. Doctrine (5) – The Holy Spirit: Salvation Applied and Finished
O. Church History (3)- Puritan and Modern
P. New Testament (3) – General Letters and Revelation
Q. Old Testament (2) – Prophets

Year Three

R. Research Papers
S. Doctrine (6) – Ethics: The Christian Life
T. Church History (4) – Missions, Africa and Kenya
U. Doctrine (7) – The Church
V. Old Testament (3) – Poets
W. Evangelism and Missions
X. Doctrine (8) – Eschatology
Y. Cults and Other Religions
Z. Pastoral Theology